Arcturus Partner Program Arcturus Partner Program

We have a growing network of alliances with leading software and technology companies. Our goal is to ensure product compatibility, technology alignment and the highest level of support for our mutual customers. Arcturus is committed to partnering with leading technology companies, solution providers, system integrators and vendors including system management and application infrastructure suppliers. 

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Our Technology Partners Our Technology Partners


Arcturus is a member of IBM's Business Partner program and is working closely with IBM to extend the abilities of our products to IBM's platform. IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate.  


Redhat Ready Partner


As a "Red Hat Ready" Partner, Arcturus is committed to support Red Hat's Enterprise certification and support strategy for Applicare on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  We are actively working in conjunction with Red Hat on porting our product to JBoss, the top Open Source J2EE Application Server.  Red Hat is the preeminent provider of services and support for the Linux Operating System. 



Arcturus is a member of the HP Business Partner program.  Our partnership allows for the ensured support of HP's HotSpot JVM.  HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing.


Arcturus is a member of the Sun Microsystems iForcetm Partner Program. All Arcturus products support the Sun JEE platform and are designed to get Sun customers best possible performance.

Our Distribution Partners Our Distribution Partners


Swift Online

Swiftmail Communications Limited, is a 19 years old veteran in IT space in India and one of the leading Class "A" Internet Service Provider ( ISP) & Internet Telephony Services Provider( ITSP) catering IT & IP requirements Across India with the help of its 115 operational delivery points. SwiftMail has been pioneer in introducing Partner oriented business model for Distribution of Internet through out India way back in 2005 and has a large number of Network Partners who have been promoting Internet services to Corporate, SME ,SOHO, Educational institutes & Home users segment successfully for many years. Swiftmail enjoys a enviable reputation among its partners , clients and competitors. . This multilayer sales network of SwitMail communications Limited is the basis of their success in any domain they enter.

With its vast experience in Internet related industries and coupling it with the foresight of new developments, Swift is now moving to the emerging Application Management Services and Business Transaction Management segment by joining hands with Arcturus Technologies to exclusively promote Applicare solution for application managements in India. Swiftmail team can be reached for further queries related to Arcturus products & services @



LinkPlus Computer Systems, Ltd., a leading value added reseller, was established in 1995. The main objective of LinkPlus is to bring innovative products from around the globe to the local market. Linkplus adds value to its customers & business partner by providing pre sales support, after sale technical support and consulting services.

9th Bit Consulting is your partner for Integration, Middleware and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services and products.

They specialise in providing solutions for every aspect of your integration requirements; from architecture and design, governance and compliance, business process integration, resource planning, build and deployment services, through to ongoing performance management and maintenance of your integration environment.

They get involved in the pro-active improvement of IT processes to enhance your company’s management and information technology strategies and boost your systems integration and application development to the optimum. They have the experience and the industry expertise to bring to effect real, measurable and profitable outcomes for your business.

Campalto started in 2001 having as main objective the usage of deep technical knowledge and excellent commercial relationship achieved by its founders acting in the last 20 years in the IT area, in order to meet the needs of large and medium companies in the Brazilian market. The base of this work has been the continuous researches for solutions in the world-wide market, and our commitment in bringing to our clients the best technologies in software and professional services through strategic partners and direct distribution of products. Campalto's core values are: focus on clients demands, ethics, excellence, realization, quality and permanent innovation. 

Campalto solutions have focus on: 

  • Infrastructure
  • High Availability and Automated Backup
  • Pro-active Application Performance Management and Business Transaction Monitoring
  • Network Performance Management
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Quality of program code (ABAP, PL/SQL, JAVA and .NET).

Multinet Security Technologies Asia (MSTA) is a customer-oriented, high technology enterprise, which was formed in 2009. MSTA focuses on solutions which are unique to the government, public security and mission critical enterprises in the Banking, Insurance, Finance industries. MSTA offers their customers a cost-effective approach to protecting and operating their applications and networks.

Integrated Secure is an industry leading services and solutions company focused on driving client value through the integration of innovative technical solutions. They assist their clients in realizing success in all phases of the business cycle. Integrated Secure was founded by a group of experienced technical consultants who shared a vision of increased client value and operational efficiency through the introduction of innovative enterprise solutions. Their team has years of experience, within various industries, helping clients achieve business success. 

National Security Services, their government services practice, assists government military and intelligence agencies in applying technology to better serve its citizens and safeguard our country. The company has been granted a Top Secret facilities clearance by the US government, allowing their teams to participate in projects within the US armed services and intelligence communities. Integrated Secure strives to bring their experience implementing industry leading practices to government groups to maximize their return on investment. 


Adanta Systems ADANTA SYSTEMS creates solutions of high technological value in the areas of Service Level Management, Application Lifecycle Management, and Security/Systems Management. In the Service Level Management area they identify and define the business services and control mechanisms, and facilitate accurate measurements by establishing SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Application Lifecycle Management services include software development life cycle management as well as architectural guidance to ensure the stability and efficiency of the applications being developed. Lastly, their wealth of security and systems experience gives them the ability to offer high-quality solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing security models and resource control requirements. Their high level of expertise in these areas allows them to offer their clients a complete and adapted solution for each requirement, following strict methodology from development to production. Adanta's objective is to offer service of the highest quality and create lasting relationships.

Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

"Within hours of firing up Applicare the developers had enough information to deploy changes that led to very significant response time and application stability improvements. Highly recommended."


"Applicare is automating some of the most crucial WebLogic administration tasks and has produced better results in only a fraction of the time it would take us otherwise."