Simplify Performance with Applicare! Simplify Performance with Applicare!

Simplifying performance requires thinking about it—from the start and throughout the life cycle of an application. Performance shouldn't be an afterthought, because it becomes quite expensive to resolve problems at later stages. The key is being proactive.

We have three-pronged, holistic approach to simplifying the performance and management of enterprise applications and business transactions:

  1. Prevent problems, instead of reacting to them after they have caused damage. 
  2. Do proactive tuning and correct sizing of the environment.
  3. Provide continuous monitoring with zero configuration and low overhead.

Stop spending days and nights tuning—start tuning automatically.

Do you know

  • What is the optimum size of heap for your application's best performance?
  • What is the optimum size of various generations (young, tenured, and perm)?
  • What collector works best for your environment (such as concurrent, parallel, compacting or deterministic collectors)?
  • How to avoid lengthy garbage collection times and limit the pauses to an acceptable window?

Arcturus does it automatically for you. You can tune your JVM & application server for every application build, and avoid nasty surprises in production. Best of all? You don't have to spend days and nights tuning your application performance. Learn More..

Stop chasing problems and start auto-diagnosing them.

The biggest problem with monitoring application performance is determining what and when to monitor. Too much, and overhead becomes high. Too little, and you keep chasing problems.

Arcturus IntelliSense comes to the rescue by solving the issue of what and when to monitor. IntelliSense automatically builds the profile of the application, identifies the transactions that don't meet the normal behavior criteria, and captures their complete execution details. The result? Real time auto detection with almost negligible overhead—and saving you the time and frustration of doing root cause analysis. Learn More..

Monitor business transactions with minimal overhead.

Do you know if you are meeting the SLAs on your important business transactions? Do you know how the response is for your platinum customers?
Applicare Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) lets you monitor every individual execution of transactions. You can adjust the level of monitoring—from very high-level performance statistics to very detailed performance statistics. And BTM saves all performance data, complete with full call graphs. 
Applicare BTM tracks transaction across multiple servers and displays the consolidated call graph, consisting of executions on multiple servers, in a single UI. Learn More..

Prevent problems with Knoms and avoid outages altogether.

We don't have enough time in life to make all the mistakes ourselves. Why not learn from other people and prevent problems by using our patent- pending "Knoms" (short for Knowledge Module) technology. Knoms are executable, Applicare pluggable units that detect known problem patterns. Upon detecting a problem pattern, Knoms can either provide a recommendation or apply an automatic fix (with the right authorizations, of course).

KnomBank, our social, knowledge-sharing community, provides a platform for experts around the globe to showcase their skills.

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Customer's Opinion Customer's Opinion

"Within hours of firing up Applicare the developers had enough information to deploy changes that led to very significant response time and application stability improvements. Highly recommended."


"Applicare is automating some of the most crucial WebLogic administration tasks and has produced better results in only a fraction of the time it would take us otherwise."