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Today's complex application environments are difficult to monitor, manage and troubleshoot. Using the Arcturus IntelliTrace, and IntelliSense technologies, Applicare tunes applications, monitors transactions and self-detects problems. Get visibility to every business transaction, every application, every where.


Simplifying performance requires thinking about it—from the start and throughout the life cycle of an application. Performance shouldn't be an afterthought, because it becomes quite expensive to resolve problems at later stages. The key is being proactive.

End User Monitoring

Improve your customer experiences by monitoring where customers are connecting with your business the most - across your enterprise applications and websites.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Applicare solves the issue of what to monitor and to what extent. It automatically builds the profile of the application, identifies the transactions that don't meet the normal criteria, and captures their complete execution details.

Instant ROI

Applicare delivers instant ROI with its robust and innovative APM solution. With the best practices built into Applicare, it detects problems and provides instant positive impact to your business.

AI Preventing Problems

Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from other people and prevent problems by using Knoms. Upon detecting a problem pattern, Knoms can either provide a recommendation or apply an automatic fix.


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Applicare has adaptive, low overhead, zero-configuration technology. It automatically builds the profile of the environment and auto detects what is 'normal' and what is not. In real time, it decides what transactions didn't meet the normal behavior profile, and captures the complete details on those. By reducing the overhead on good transactions, it reduces your overall overhead.

Business Transactions Tab

Tune Wizard

No more struggling with long garbage collection pauses. No more struggling to determine the right garbage collector, the right heap size, and the right JVM tunable settings. Arcturus Tune Wizard automates the complete JVM Tuning process. With Tune Wizard, you can tune the JVM and application server for every application build and avoid nasty surprises in production. Best of all, you don't have to spend days and nights doing this—just let Tune Wizard do it for you. It's as simple as choosing the load script and pressing Go.


We don't have enough time in life to make all the mistakes ourselves.

Why not learn from other people and prevent problems by using our patent- pending "Knoms" (short for Knowledge Module) technology.


Knoms are executable, Applicare pluggable units that detect known problem patterns.

Upon detecting a problem pattern, Knoms can either provide a recommendation or apply an automatic fix (with the right authorizations, of course).