Logs monitoring

Logs Monitoring plays an important role in analyzing, troubleshooting and alerting on problems. Organizations have lots of data in logs that should be mined to get valuable insights on users, applications and systems behavior.

Real time alerting from logs monitoring does help in identifying the problems early. It also provides security related insights when someone is trying to break into your organization.


Applicare offers an extremely easy to use logs monitoring solution that doesn’t require a separate monitoring agent deployment. Applicare agent includes logs monitoring along with APM level application and systems monitoring. This simplifies things from deployment and analysis of data prospective – one agent to deploy and one console to use.

Applicare allows you to

    • access, search, visualize, analyze and correlate logs data
    • access logs data without requiring access to the system
    • convert searches into real time alerts in just a few clicks
    • monitor a single file or directories, one time snap or create watcher

Easy configuration

Easy Navigation

Easy Drill Down

For further reading on Logs Monitoring with Applicare, go to: https://helpdesk.arcturustech.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047713252-How-to-use-Log-Monitor-in-Applicare


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