Continuous Database Monitoring

Continuous Database Monitoring is a very important aspect of enterprise applications monitoring.  Database is the foundation of any application. If the performance of the database is not good then every user request can be impacted. Continuous database monitoring does provide very quick ROI. Tweaking the time consuming SQLs and any other database bottlenecks have impact on performance, scalability and availability of the entire application.

Applicare nicely ties database internals monitoring with systems monitor to be able to see the root cause of the problems e.g. disk IO becoming an issue and causing the SQLs to be slow or CPU starvation by another process causing a negative impact on database performance.  One agent to deploy and one console to use simplifies things from deployment of agents to root cause analysis.


Applicare provides a very powerful continuous monitoring solution for Oracle along with many other most popular industry databases. No more dealing with AWRs.

Applicare Oracle Monitoring Dashboard
Oracle Monitoring Dashboard

Applicare monitors 100s of database metrics including

    • Load – Transactions/minute
    • Top SQLs & who is executing them
    • Active Sessions and Session Details
    • SQL Tuning Advice
    • Query Plan to ensure query is using most appropriate plan and access path
    • Locking Detection
    • Database growth
    • Oracle RAC Monitoring
    • Oracle SGA Monitoring
    • Oracle ASM Monitoring
    • Along with many other database metrics 
Database Growth
Database Growth
Session Details
Session Details
SQL Monitoring
SQL Monitoring
SQL Tuning Advisor
SQL Tuning Advisor
SQL Query Plan
SQL Query Plan


Additional Matrices Available
OS Monitoring


CPU Cores Monitoring


Network Monitoring


Disk Monitoring

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